Going for a ride on his motorcycle?

So I'm going on a date tommorow and the guy said he'll do anything I want , I stupidly said take me for a ride on your bike >_< he drives a huge Harley...
1. I'm scared :(
2. I didn't think the whole I'll have to be hugging him the whole day thing through either.. I'm really nervous is what I asked him for inappropriate for a first date? Also does the fact that I'll be hugging on him all day make him think I want the "D" ? I messed up...


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  • -If he knows how to drive, then check! (look for scratches on said bike/helmets)
    -If he has gear for you, then check! (ATGATT) and if he doesn't offer you gear, turn it down!

    Yea the hugging is awkward at first, but he'll soon forget about it while ridding, or he should! Just be careful and you can say no at anytime if you feel bad or scared. But it is fun to cruise around so be open to it as well, haha. :) Be safe!

  • Don't be scared.

    1) Hold on
    2) Minimize the ride by suggesting you drive to a specific place
    3) Enjoy the vibrations

    Nobody's forcing you to want the "D." Relax.

    • I know no ones forcing me lol I was just worried since I picked the activity that he'd think like I'm trying to be all over him when really I forgot to consider all factors

    • I'm sure it'll be fine

  • Always look over his inside shoulder (while cornering).
    Ask for permission to get on and get off.
    Try to avoid turtle fucking (hitting his helmet with yours)

    If he doesn't have a back handle, a good trick is to put one or both hands on the tank while he brakes. This will prevent you from sliding into him.

    Holding onto him allows you to have proper body language during cornering and also lets him know you're still there.

    • Thanks for the tips I've only ever been riding one other time & that was like when I was a teenager, one last question do I have to wear boots? My cousin told me you can't ride with sneakers something about them melting?

    • Let me put it this way, A friend of mine went to riding school with a buddy. During practice his buddy grabbed a handful of front brake in panic (a big no no) and ate it. We're talking parking lot speeds. It was still enough to send both his sneakers flying.

      Wear something that goes up you ankle and is secure. It's just good prevention.

  • He should drive it responsibly

  • If its harley and he drive it normal i think it's safe but not that much

    But if its racing motorcycle like Japanese motor dont ride its not safe and I think u will scare on high speed which will make both of u nervous and there's high risk for accedent in general I dont recommend it

    And if I have gf I will not ask her to ride with me


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  • This is fairly humorous haha!
    You don't have to hug the rider on bikes, some have handles that you can hold onto but some people don't like doing that in fear you'll fall back. You don't have to clench him, just put your hands on the sides of his ribs. He probably won't drive recklessly so there's nothing to be afraid of. Maybe you should let him see you're a bit nervous so he'll be a bit more careful. Harleys are fairly stable, wide bikes so you'll be fine! Every biker expects the passenger to hold onto them from the back, it doesn't mean you want the D, ahha! If he assumes that, then he's not for you. Have fun!

    • Very helpful thankyou

  • Um well do you already know him like from work or as a friend if yes then no your good that sounds like a awesome and fun first date go for it if not and this is like your first time hanging together really and u don't really know him from anywhere else then yea it might be better to wait do to you feeling uncomfortable and do it On the second date just tell him that u have had time to think and u would really like to do this or whaterver u come up with instead.

    • Yeah we were friends in highschool he recently looked me up so I don't really know him anymore

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    • Yeah the hugging thing makes me more nervous than possible death >_< I haven't been a date in awhile

    • So do movie and diner or something take it slow hell go dance just Go have fun:)

  • I remember my first date, and I was going on the back of motorbike.. yahama R1.
    I don't think you asking to go on his bike is inappropriate, he probably thought, "wow gutsy"
    1. There is nothing to be scared of. He should give you a bike jacket and a helmet. Just tell him, it's your first time you have ever been on the bike (if that's the case) and he would ride at a speed where it's appropriate.
    2. Hugging onto him is the only way you are going to stay on lol unless he has one of those tail racks holder things where they have a place to grip onto while he rides around (he should have one on his Harley) they are at the back (where the tail of the bike is). I don't think your day will be just on the bike, he might park over and grab something to eat, enjoy the scenery.. Just enjoy yourself! You will have heaps of fun. Harley's are spacious and comfy to be cruising on, so he won't be doing anything stupid while your on the back.

    Precious cargo as we all say.. 😋😉

  • You can always hook your fingers in his belt loops if you don't wanna be huggin on him. That's what I did when a family friend took me for a ride on his bike, because it woulda been way awkward to hug him.

    • Lol belt loops? That's a little low to be holding on o_O

    • I suppose if he's one of those dudes who sags his pants it is. But it's waist level, and it's not like you hold onto the belt loops directly above his butt. Use the ones on his sides.

    • Lol good thinking

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