What's good advice for my friend?

So I have this friend and he is one of those guys that never really ever had a gf before. He recently started talking to this girl and then she broke up with him because he would eat her out. Then a friend of his hooked him up with this super nice girl but he's still stuck on the first one. The girl that dumped him comes to him for money and what not and he just falls behind her like a lost puppy. Me and all of his other friends have told him that she's only using him but he won't listen to us. What should I tell my friend to help him open his eyes and see that this girl is no good.


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  • Tell him to ask his ex for something. Like she asks him for. And he will most likelly see her run.. And will show him who she really is.

    • Thank you.
      Am I the only one that commented?

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