He moved a bit fast with the first kiss, how should I proceed?

I DID tell him I need to take things slow, but I haven't seen him since our first kiss... which happened before any sort of feelings were expressed!

I knew he liked me, I am not blind, but we never said anything or did anything that said we were more than friends. He even called me his friend that night!

I think he is just a romantic. He's also a bit awkward. He moved in for a kiss, and he started to kiss me romantically towards my neck.

As a first kiss!!! I just giggled and was very nice to him and said he was being "too much" and that's where it ended. Then he tried to kiss me on the neck again later on, and I reminded him let's be slow with this.

I didn't expect a kiss so fast, OR that kind of kiss. I want to take things slow, get to know him more or something. It just seemed too soon. We've only seen eachother like 4 times in the past month. Not very much, right? But I have known him a while, just haven't been in touch until recently.

What do you think of this? He also went on and on about how beautiful I am. Maybe he just couldn't help it, does that ACTUALLY happen and is that what happened?

help... It's fine it was just kinda fast and out of order I feel.


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  • Sorry to burst your bubble but if he seems like rushing you despite the fact that you want to take things slowly, he wants to get in your pants and lose interest after sleeping with you.

    If he really likes you, he'll respect your opinion and not having things in his way.

    • I haven't seen him since then and we talked more about it after the fact. So I don't know if he will keep doing it

    • What exactly is "about it"?

    • Are you serious lol