What do I do about this situation with my girlfriend and why is she doing this?

So my girlfriend of 5 months was always very affectionate and happy when I'd talk to her. But now I say hello or talk to her and she says"Go away. I don't want to talk to you" or like I give her space and I'm not talking a few hours like i give her like 2-5 days if needed but she still says she needs space. I'm really into this girl what do I do?


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  • I think you should tell her clearly that you need to talk. Then just tell her what you think, but don't be rude. Tell her like you're really sorry for it, because you love her a lot and hate seeing that she doesn't like your company (this might be a bit more than what you're actually feeling, but you know, making her feel a bit guilty will probably do the trick).


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  • You're in love with the girl she used to be.
    She is no longer that person.
    Somewhere along the line she changed.
    When you are saying you are into her, you are referring to the person you first met.
    The way she is treating you now makes it seem as if she has a complete disregard for your feelings.
    I would never talk to someone I cared about like that.
    Instead of "going away" when she tells you.
    You need to stand your ground and defend yourself.
    Let her know how you feel.
    Let her know she is mistreating you.
    People only do what you allow.
    Do not tolerate any of this.
    Her behavior is not okay.
    If she chooses to continue this, you have to leave or it will never stop.

    • Im not in love with who she used to be or anything like that its just I want someone who still likes talking to me.

    • She doesn't show that. Take my advice and talk to her.

  • Is she on her period? It's a serious question.

  • This happened to one of my friends, his girlfriend started ignoring him. Every time he sat next to her at lunch she would just put her phone in his face and roll her eyes. It turns out she was cheating on him, with some guy that she thought was more attractive. Not saying this is happening to you, but it could be. If you guys don't work this out soon, she may always tell you to go away.


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  • She wants space. Give it to her. If she makes you wait too long and you eventually end up liking another girl, she's the one to blame. She cannot just expect you to be always there for her when she ignores you all the time. If you're really tired of this, just tell her not to take you for granted if she keeps this nonsense. Or she should just stop whining and tell you what the problem is. If she has a valid reason to be this mad at you, then at least you have the right to know what's going on. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the answer. I dont think I can take it much more

    • Forget about her and she will then see it was her fault to lose you. Be confident and you will find a better girl, trust me.

    • Thank you very much lol
      i think i just won't message her or talk when she says anything for a few days if she even does lol

  • She most likely doesn't want to talk to you.

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