Do still have his interest?

I've been seeing a man for a month now and I things were going great. We met on POF and he said he wanted a relationship and I told him that I'm not with being casual. He knows that I want to get married soon.

So far we've been on 4 dates and they've all gone really well. We haven't had sex yet (only to 3rd base) because I told him I wanted to wait until we were in a full on relationship and he said he was okay with that. I've noticed that last week I contacted him more than he contacted me. On Tuesday I decided not to text him just to see what he would do and he did text later that night. I ended up having to ask him last Monday to hang out with me on Saturday because I felt he was being slow to ask me out again.

Today I expected him to contact me and ask me to be with him sometime this week/weekend and once again, nothing. I may be rushing things in my head because it's only Monday so it's not like I can predict the future and say that he's never going to ask me out but you would think he would want to lock down my weekend.

So my question is, do you think that maybe he's lost interest in me or am I overreacting?

Little more info...

He's a "introvert" as he says so that COULD be the cause for the slowness.
Even more info...

I texted him today over a minor medical issue of mine and he made a joke about "we'll I'm scratching Nair off my possible gift ideas!" Like he was going to one day buy me something.


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  • He is busy or he is losing interest. Just give him time and if he stops making the effort to see you or contact you regularly then ask him why.

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