When a guy says "we need to talk'?

I've been seeing this guy since November. Everything's been going really well, and u like him more everytime. I see hi almost every weekend, but we live about an hour away from eachother which isn't so easy

We went on a double date this weekend and it was amazing. I slept over at his place (we've done it a few times before) and everything was amazing. As soon as I left, I was already sad and missing him.

Now tonight, he texted me saying "hey, we need to talk.. Let me know when you have a few minutes"

I told him I'm I'm class right now and I'll let him know when I get home. He hasn't replied to that..

Is he going to break it off with me? :(


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  • It's always scary when someone says they need to talk, play it cool and calm and just bite the bullet and call him but prepare yourself and be strong if he does break up with you. Good luck!

    • Thanks!! He ended up breaking it off :( I don't understand why he didn't just tell me when he dropped me off yesterday instead of doing it over the phone. Kind of lame. Really upset right now, going to be a hard night and long day at school tomorrow, but I'll get over it soon hopefully!!

    • Men are strange creatures. I got broken up with that way too, one day fine, next day dumped! Mystery! He never gave a reason either. At least you have school to focus on and be around people, that's the best thing for you, distraction. Cry it all out tonight and wallow in it but tomorrow morning, wake up and go okay I've done my crying, leave it ( and him!) in that stage of your life and move on. You'll be fine after a week or so. Being dumped via phone says more about him than it does about you. Can do better!

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  • I hope not. Let me know how it goes! Been there before.

    • Hey! He ended calling told me bluntly he wanted to part ways. He said that the 45mins-1hr thing is too long distance, and that we don't have anything in common. Which isn't true.. We both have dogs, share the same favourite cereal, love the same type of music and going to concerts… I felt like it was BS :( To me, it seems like he met someone else...

    • I'm sorry :(

      That happens with distance

  • I don't think so.. maybe he wanna tell something about him or about you.. maybe he wanna tell you he miss you..
    advice : if he break off your relationship don't worry.. don't cry.. don't crash your self ( because your life will not be ended if he leave you).
    my regards to you


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  • Sorry sister, sounds like he's giving you the boot. Maybe he just can't do the long distance thing anymore? :/ an hour is quite a ways to drive.