Girls I think she lying?

I was 18 and in hs. I dating a 18 year old. We dated for a year with no sex since she was a "virgin" and wanted to wait. We sadly broke up because because college got in the way. We'd still see each other whenever she came back home. So you can say this has been an on/off thing. We're now 20 and she still say's she's still a VIRGIN.

Should i believe her and do keep in mind she's a 10-10 rating? I seen pics of her on instagram drinking and partying and hitting clubs and flirting/talking dirty joking with dudes/sitting on dudes laps/dirty dancing with dudes. Oh she also has a fake id and plays men at bars like she'll flirt and get them to buy her free drinks etc with her girls & sometimes even steal there wallet/phone. She also has a tongue piercing.

Note: She loves to say "i'm not putting out" whenever i hint sex


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  • So because she is attractive that means she has to have had sex? That's really judgmental! Either you believe her or you don't. Some women value their virginity and don't need people judging them for it.

  • Just because she does all those things doesn't mean she's not a virgin. A girl can flirt with a guy and won't need to have sex him. Maybe it's just a game she plays. But then again, maybe she just doesn't want to have sex with you. To be honest, I'm not really sure why it matters since you guys aren't really together full time.


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