Is this guy playing games with me?

I've been talking to this guys since last March, and we started "liking" each other back before school started in August. We talk usually, and he will flirt with me and compliment me when we text. He even kissed me back in September! But I've noticed he's been liking his ex girlfriends pictures and follows her on social media. I asked him if he liked her and he replied, "As a person ya". But the other day, he sent me two pictures of this really gorgeous girl who goes to a school in our system and he said she was hot and stuff; teenage boys. He likes making me jealous I feel like, or something. Some days he will act like I'm his everything, other days he'll try to get me to send pictures, and other days he won't even talk to me or answer me back. WHAT IS GOING ON?


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  • Yes. He is playing games with you. If you don't like the sames say: I am a serious person. Call me when you have your sh*t together.


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