Does it mean anything when a girl sends you a text forward?

This girl sent me a foreword tonight that said "Your crush will ask you out, or kiss your lips on Halloween, But if you don't send this to 10 people you will be cursed for 5 years" usually I don't go along with these silly things but here lately I find myself either sending or receiving them from/to her. I'm just curious if these forwards mean anything or not?


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  • It's a chain letter, it anything all it means is that she's superstitious.

  • Hey bro, please let me help you by first answering this question:

    Do you feel like as if she's flirting with you, maybe smiling more, giggling, or getting closer to you when she talks? Perhaps she is showing interest in you, but waiting for you to make a move.

    If this is the situation, those flirty forwards are being used as tools to suggest her interest in you without rejection, or having to withstand those awkward moments in person.. like when she actually does say she likes you, and you just stand there-kinda blushing-and say"really?"

    What I mean by suggesting interest without rejection:

    You could answer by saying "(ex.) no way, you sl_t!", but she would counter it by saying "(ex.) you are so rude, that was a joke..a forward!" and tell all her friends to try and make you feel horrible for taking it seriously.

    You could also wait for the messages to slowly die out..until she forgets who you are and gets laid by some badboy biker, or you could respond by saying something equally as suggestible/flirty like "(ex.) you've sent me 21 messages like this but you still haven't asked me out?!? :P, or direct, such as "yeah, let's ****!"

    k..actually, just keep it suggestible/flirty, and if for some reason she really didn't send you those messages out of interest, she's probably gained some attraction by you showing her that you're a fun guy and you're not taking it too seriously. This will spark bantering.

    If you or anyone has any questions about ways to approach/show interest towards males/females, feel free to pm me anytime!

    -Diamond Smith