I like a guy but feel unready to date... is this normal? What should I do if he likes me?

I really like this guy, but I also feel like I'm not ready to date or anything (in general, not just him) even though he shows an interest in me. (we r both in HS; I'm 15, he's almost 17)
1) What should I do?
(I've been avoiding him)


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  • Hey why do you feel that way like you dont want a boyfriend even though you like a guy? A girl recently told me this and I'm not really sure how to interpret it. I know you're asking the question lol but could you help me out?

    • It's probably different for everyone, but I don't feel like I am mature enough to handle a (serious) relationship yet, but I wouldn't want to just play around with a guy, if that makes any sense.

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    • By the way, this is unsolicited advice but try become friends with the girl for a while. Although a lot of people talk about being "friend zoned" I've seen quite a few relationships evolve from friendships, and if the only reason the girl turned you down was bc she feels like she's not ready, she's likely scared or uncertain about taking that step into dating. Making her feel secure and comfortable being around you w/o the pressure of a relationship might help.

    • Ok thank you very much this helps a lot! :)

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  • Talk to him.. Find out how he feels about you. Explore more how you feel about him. If you don't want to have a boyfriend right now, tell him that and make certain he fully understands the implications of that. Good luck.

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