Guys: why won't he ask me out or is there interest in what happenes at least?

I had my alone time with Chef today whom I am crushing on. I was asking him places that I can go after work and what he recommends (hint hint) I then asked him about his goals in life and he shared. He was also telling me how he won a 2 night stay at a hilton hotel and needs to plan when!( in my mind I wish he'd take me with him lol) he also shares how He took his neighbors kids to the beach and as for love life he's not ready to settle down and get married. Deep stuff, wish he offered something like hanging out? do you guys think he's nervous or perhaps not interested?


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  • We can't say for sure. But maybe he's just not interested.

  • Prob just not interested or has invested a lot into his life and wants to keep doing so if a girl wants a guy like this she has to show him he needs someone other wise he is set

    • Can you elaborate, I don't get it

    • Another words he has all his fouces on his cater etc n he has everything he wants right now going for him. If you want in you half to make him feel like he needs you aprt of his life make him see that you can make what he has better! Make diner for two or something sometime. If you can't show him he could need u then there's no reason for him to change his plans cuz well he has what he wants right now

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