Guys, if a girl tells you she loves you and wants you as a BF how would you react? What would you say to her?

Above subject, lol. Just post and say what would you do and what have you done in the past?


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  • Who is this girl? Just some random girl off the street? His crush? His friend? His ex? His what?

    • I meant a female friend you have known for a while and you two draw closer over time.

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  • This has happened to me in the past and I had been overjoyed!

    But that was ages ago, and I haven't been interacting much with women over the past 4 years. So can't really say how I would react if it happened now!

    • I asked because a friend of mine asked me this question regarding a female friend I've been chatting with a lot and he pointed out how she leaned towards me in a recent pic. Gotta wonder.

  • Say "that is sweet, thank you."

    • And what happens next? Girl will fall more for you? I've thought I would say that I like her too.

    • Most girls want you to take the lead in suggesting stuff to do. So think of something. If she likes you, she will go for it, at least the first time.