Worst dates you've ever been on?

I've had some really downright terrible dates and I just wanted to hear about some of everyone else's experiences... Have you ever been on an awful date? What made it awful? Did you ever talk to the guy/girl again?


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  • First date, she brought her mother to join us for coffee. The mother was deaf and stared at me the entire time. Apparently lip-reading, I think.

    • I think that might be the weirdest thing i've ever heard

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  • I met a woman in a club that I was instantly attracted to. She was exotic, intelligent, mysterious, incredibly dressed, confident and out of my league by about 12 light years (give or take a few).
    I asked her out on a date and she agreed and had dinner, she got drunk to the point that I got embarrassed by the waiters and managers at the restaurant *facepalm.

    • oh god! that would really piss me off

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  • I had a blind date follow my car home :/


    • that's soo creepy! what'd you do?

    • Awkwardly get out of my car and greet him again in front of my house. Omg nightmare. Needless to say there was no second date