Why guys act distant?

So I've been away in the states for a month for work, while here, i met a guy, who had been taking me out. He's always very chivilrous, picks me up, opens doors etc. He knows my time here is limited, but i may be spending more time in the states in the forseeable future, however atm im London based. Im soon to be in New York before travelling back to London, and he has been saying he may be in NY the same time as me, and he also now wants to make plans to visit London. He asks a lot of questions about my family, wanting to see photos and how close i am with them etc. And he offers the same info about his family too. Except, the past week or so i've noticed a change in his behaviour. He's been picking me up later than planned, although the dates have been going well, when im with him, he sems interested, the other night he said he had a confession that he's been dying to sleep with me again, but he then took me straight home... he invited me to a party the same night and said he would call, but he didn't. I feel like he's pulling away, and i get that we are based in 2 opposite sides of the earth but, its not necessarily going to be that way indefinitely... please can someone shed some light?


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  • When we give you space, we're being distant and uncaring.
    When we're needy, we're suffocating y'all.
    there's NO WINNING!

  • He is predicting the obvious and he is doing these things so that he can reduce the pain he's gonna have when you go away.
    That's my guess.
    you said he asks a lot about your family and wanting to see photos of them - do you tell him all about it?

    • Yeah i share stuff with him about my family etc. I thought perhaps he wasn't interested, but the things he says/does indicate otherwise which confused the hell out of me. But you could be right...

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