Girlfriend tells me I don't show her enough attention?

She acts all tough and every time I try to show affection she acts like she doesn't want it. She got all jealous of me talking to some other girls thinking something was going on. Then I assure her nothing is and she goes on to say all I want from her is sex and I don't show her attention. Now I've been giving her more attention and she doesn't reciprocate it. Even nudged me off a couple times.. I don't know if it's because I still talk to those girls but I asked her if it bothered her she said no I'm not worried. wtf do I Do.


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  • She might be playing hard to get, or she's trying to see if you'll give her more attention if she nudges away and acts like she doesn't want it. Either way I'd just keep giving her some attention for now because girls can get jelous easily and feel unwanted:)

    • So why is she playing these mind games on me? I'm not going to play them back.

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    • Karinaanan or whatever your name is.. I'm exhuasted of these mind games lol. Thanks for the feedback though.

    • its karrinanana, but that's OK haha and well I'm sorry to say but its something that most girls do, it's unavoideable. The best thing you can do is tell her what your thinking

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