Meeting the woman for me?

I'm 25, my dating life and sex life are awful. I'm losing hope, I have been on Okcupid for a while now, have been on multiple dates and nothing works out. There is no one for me in this world. Everyone else has success but me. I't doesn't matter what I do. I'm up for new things, go to the gym, have a career, clean, organized, nice, and treat woman with respect, and I'm just invisible to them. What should I do?

  • Keep trying with okcupid.
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  • Or try some other method of meeting women.
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  • Most people don't realize that you being a good person means ever so little in the randomly generated attraction universe. Who you are is almost null.


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  • It must be because you're a Packer's fan. Haha jk! I would say just keep trying! Focus on something else that's important to you for now like your job or yourself while you're still looking.


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