Why does he like me?

So I started dating my boyfriend a few weeks ago, I asked him and he said yes. He said that he'd been thinking about asking me out but was to nervous. We're both huge gamers and even love the same things. However he's like really fit and athletic, he's like 5'8 and really cute, where as Im in a way the opposite. I'm 5'6 but I was 190 pounds, yes I know I'm over weight which is why I started a diet, I also don't consider myself to be really pretty. I mean he tells my I'm cute but I feel he could get any other girl, and I just don't get what he sees in me...



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  • Being in the exact same spot as the guy, please don't over think this

    Often times this kind of train of thought leads to insecurities that will push you further apart

    Having said that and looking at your age, please be cautious and do not give into sex until you are ready


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  • Don't think about it, just enjoy his admiration of you.

  • He obviously thinks you are pretty and likes your personality too.


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