I need some opinions on this subject, rather or not it is a bad idea or not?

I had a crush on a girl, and I am pretty sure she was aware of it. I have since then accept that nothing will happen between us, and there has never been awkward moments. But her birthday is this weekend and she has invited me to join her and her friends out at the bar. She has recently started dating this one guy as well, I am not too sure if he will be there because he is always a way out of town for his job.

I know I won't do anything but there could be a receipt for trouble.


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  • As long as you don't get drunk and hit on her you should be fine. Who knows you might even meet someone else there?

    • Yea I am not going to hit on her, she is in a relationship and I am going to respect that. I just thought it was odd for her to invite me out.

    • She probably hopes that you can become friends or she already sees you as a friend and wants to celebrate with you.

  • Dude, if she already is dating someone you gotta get her out of your head


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