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My boy friend asked me to the school Valentine's dance and I'm going by the way I'm 16 so we haven't kissed yet so any advise for first kisses and my parents want to meet him too before the dance and my dads the hard one


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  • As long as he's not a pretty boy justin beiber kind, he'll be fine with your dad. But just wait for a slow dance and take your time, enjoy the dance. And when you both make close eye contact, lean in a little. He will do the same. And before you know it, first kiss of the century. And to help settle your nerves, a first kiss does not need to be perfect or even close to perfect. If your lips just touch a little, it'll still be absolutely magical, so no worries


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  • Why put a fake age on here when lots of us are underage?
    Let your parents meet him, that'll make it feel more official for him, and make your parents feel better obviously.
    You don't need to kiss him if you don't want to, but you can, all you do is get close to him, look into his eyes, keep glancing at his lips, and if he doesn't catch on, you just lean in.


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