Friend gave a girl my # for work, is it ok to ask that friend if the girl is single?

A friend of mine told me one of her friends was going to start working at my company, that she had some questions and gave her my number to ask me about my experience working there. I just met the girl who she gave my number to and she is really attractive and I kind of want to ask her out now, but I barely know her.

Would it be ok to ask my friend, who gave me number to this girl, if she was single, and maybe tell her to put in a good word for me?


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  • You have nothing to lose by asking your friend, but I'd start by checking out her Facebook page to see if she is indeed single. Then talk to your friend.
    In terms of dating someone from work, you should be sure to check what the companies policies are on employees dating. You wouldn't want to get in trouble at work for disobeying policy or something out of ignorance. They probably don't, but some places are touchy on the issue so it's best to be safe.
    And then be sure to take things slow, in case she turns out to be a psycho. You never know lol:)

    • Asked my friend, and she has a boyfriend, but he lives in another state. At least now I know...

    • Oh well, thanks for mho:)

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  • That question is irrelevant.. Why.. Because you Never, ever.. Ever!! Never ever ever date someone you work with, EVER

    • I'll disagree with this

      People live busy lives now a days, work just happens to be a common place for people to meet

      Having said that... keep it professional at work, and ask yourself if you could continue to work there if things went south

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  • I agree with Stacy. Nothing there but trouble. Think about it this way. What will happen when she dumps you? Yes, eventually she will. You'll see her every day and sooner or later she'll be with another guy. It will be awkward and painful for you. Even worse, what if the boss, male or female, is also interested in her? You'll be the competition which will put your job in jeopardy.

    In short, never "sh*t where you eat."

    • Well we would work in the same building but in different units, on different floors. And we have different bosses, but our main boss is female.