Why would a guy bother to write a nice thank you note to me that is long overdue?

This guy wrote me a nice thank you note for a gift I sent him a couple of weeks ago, saying that he forgot about it and just picked up the gift the day before. Not responding initially gave me the impression that he doesn't care, but then why would he bother to write something later?


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  • To show appreciation. I'm not sure I want to answer the implied question.

    • How is the question implied?

    • You're not asking about him writing back you're asking about him not being attentive in the first place. It has nothing to do with the "Thank You" and everything to do with the fact that the timeliness is relative directly to your effort and anticipation and the disconnect between the effort you put in and what you feel you received. Blah blah reality... humans... stars... marshmallows...

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  • Because he does care. There is no time limit on thank you notes...

  • You said it your self. "He forgot about it and just picked up the gift a day before.
    Do over think it. He responded. And he did so in a positive way! Feel great full.

    • That is what he said but I dont know if it could be a hint or excuse. I know I may b overthinking but I guess I'm disappointed that he forgot.

    • We are only human. It is impossible to do everything perfect. And when you count on them being perfect you will be disappointed.. That does not mean he is a bad guy at all. Maybe he has had a lot going on.. At least he didn't say, yeah I got it a week ago and just never got around to it. When he got it he responded. You can't ask for much more.

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