His behavior is so confusing, what is this guy thinking?

I've been seeing this guy for almost 2 months now and I feel like its time to talk about being exclusive but when I tried to talk about the subject he was rather closed off.
When it comes to conversing and sending messages to make plans I feel like I am the only one putting solid effort in because I am always starting the conversation. He told a mutual friend of ours that he wants to get serious with me and that we're sort of a couple but he hasn't said anything to me yet. When I try to make talk to him about feelings he doesn't really answer me or tries to change the subject. Is that weird?
He said that he's unsure of himself and is waiting for someone else to make the move but said that he likes me and wants to be a couple.
I told him that I need some assurance because I don't wanna be just another girl on his little parade of girls. When I said that he said that he has trouble committing... what does that mean?
I'm not asking for marriage, I just want to be assured that he's feelings are mutual and that this "relationship" or whatever is not a waste of time. He knows that he's the only guy I want and have time for and he knows how much I like him, I just wish he would tell me how he feels.

I tried talking to him about it but he just changed the subject. One day he's hot and the other day he's cold


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  • It is very weird. Maybe give him another month? two months isn't super long.


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  • Who was the mutual friend (male or female)? And how do you both know him/her?

    • A mutual friend is a co worker of mine and he knows her because we all work together

    • You can probably trust what she said then. In general though, guys that talk and act the way that he has usually don't want to be in a relationship.

  • Why are you going with a guy if you are not asking for marriage?

    • I don't fancy getting married at 20 mate. I haven't even graduated university yet... give me a few years will you?

    • I got married at 24, my sister got married at 20, my Mom got married at 18 (my wife got married at 21, but not to me). And we have between us four bachelors degrees, five masters degrees, and a PhD.

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