Not sure what to think now and I feel like there's unfinished business... What do I do?

I worked with this guy for almost a year. There was an instant attraction between us but I kind of ignored it at first because I was dealing with ex issues. This guy and I started flirting a lot at work and then he almost kissed me. His contract ended and we kind of kept in touch. I got a new job and told him of an opening there. He asked me out to dinner. I had heard that he had a girlfriend so I was hesitant but went anyways just keeping it as friends. It was nice but very date like. This worried me. A few days passed and I thought about everything and mentioned something going on my town that sounded fun. A friend of mine was going with but she decided not to a few days before. He showed up and immediately grabbed me and held me so tight. We had fun at the event and he invited me to have lunch. We were there talking for a while and again he almost kissed me but I looked away. He seemed to get upset and a few minutes later said he had to go. He gave me a hug and held me for a while until he left. We texted a little after and then a few days later I told him that I had always had a crush on him but I was confused because I was told he had a girlfriend. He never responded. Two months passed with him doing weird things on social media. He would send me invites and other obscure things but never answer me. I needed someone's contact info and knew he had it but asked around first before asking him. No one knew so I sent him a message. He wrote me back with that and then sent me this apology that he had a lot of stuff going on that he was a mess, that he was seeing someone at the time and didn't know how to say that to me but that he thought I was wonderful and was very sorry for how things turned out between us. He started asking me questions about why I needed that persons info and what not. At that point I felt over it because I had kind of gone back to my ex but it didn't work out. I kind of snubbed this guy but now I kind of wonder. I can't stop thinking about him.


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  • Tell him you are interested if and only if he is not seeing anybody.


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