My bf is still friends with his ex on fb and has her number?

They dated for about 5 months so it wasn't a super intense relationship. He also had a pic on his phone of him and a girl he hooked up with a few times. Should I be worried? My best friend said it was weird and I shouldn't trust him.


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  • If you don't like this kind of stuff, ask him to change. But if you ask and he doesn't change, you are going to have to bail or he will never respect you again.

    • I asked him to delete the pic. He didn't at first... said he forgot, but did it after I brought it up again.

    • So far so good then

    • Thanks for answering!

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  • Yes, it's weird.

    • I think it's weird he still has her number. I don't have any of my exes numbers.

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    • Does he still have his ex's number?
      > If yes, did you ask him to delete it?
      > > If no, ask him and see how he reacts.
      > > If yes, I think you know what to do.

    • I didn't ask him to delete it because I always use his phone, so I figured I'd know by now if somethings up... but I'll ask him. Thanks for your help!

  • So what? There are these things called memories you know. So he still has her number. Why is that forbidden? Why can he not still call her and chat it up from time to time? It's not as if he's screwing her. Why can't he keep pictures of their time together? It's not causing you any form of pain or suffering. It's fucking picture. Get over it.

    Honestly, the way people like to bitch about their S. O. still keeping contact with exes makes me glad I'm not dating right now. I still keep in contact with each and every ex I've had (excluding one) because we're all on good terms with each other. If two people end their relationship on good terms, and they are willing to keep in contact, you have no right to demand that he cut ties with them.

    • I didn't say he couldn't. I said my best friend said it was weird and I should be worried. The fact that this question angers you so much is a bit weird to be frank.

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    • haha It's okay. I don't think he would cheat or even talk to them again... but I think if the situation was reversed, he wouldn't be too thrilled about ir.

    • It's not about whether you or him are happy about it or not. It's basic fundamental privacy and trust. You already said you don't think he will cheat, so you should have no problem leaving the issue alone.

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  • All men, maybe not all but possibly a good majority of guys have a spank bank.
    Whether you know about it or not is eh, but you know about his. Ask him to get rid of it he'll just go to the Internet.

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