Am I never going to meet someone and settle down?

Im nearly 29... Is all downhill from here isn't it?
I don't feel or look old, but I'm worried about my biological clock. A girl at work was telling me how depressed she got when she turned 30. It's not that old is it?
The scary part is that she is married and I'm single at 29!
Am I no longer hot on the market?
I want to be in love but worry I will never find the one.
I feel like it won't... Do I have to find someone this year if I want marriage and kids?
Is this clock about to time out?
I feel so old! Are my looks going to fade as soon as I hit 30? Will guys no longer lust after me?
Do men feel attracted to women over 30?
I feel old. Are women not lusted after by men after the turn 30?
I'm 29 this year and I'm freaking out!

I don't look it tho...

I haven't had kids yet and I'm single so my age is starting to freak me out.

It's looking pretty grim... most people my age are married and having kids...
I'm really depressed. Is the best part of my life over? Do men only look at young women? I don't want to get old :( Whenever i tell people my age they are like, "oh wow! I didn't know u were THAT old!"
My biggest fear is that I will end up alone. Have I already? I've been single for 7 years... Will I remain alone until I die? I'm so depressed by the possibility of being alone and never having kids. I feel so old!


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  • Start from base. Like fixing up your body structure , your routine, your personality, position in society.

    Fixing your body - Not talking of make up and perfume. Start by working out and getting a nice fixed shape for your body. Get good shiny teeth with perfect shape and then fix up your face not temporarily with make-up. Then go for good shiny long enough hair. Very long not needed just keep them the size you can maintain easily. Wear differently.

    Routine - plan a healthy and nice routine (Google for tips) which gives you chance to meet more people daily (not online or dating sites). Go to park or picnic. Jogging in Park early morning best trap. Get a sexy female tracksuit. If you do not like Jogging go for thing you like but with style

    Personality - Be polite and be fun. (laughing and giving giggles even at their stupid jokes sometime).
    Be focus at what you do. And be straight forward in telling things use a bit simple language and define what you are.

    Position : more important position in society like a manager of hotel can get more money then a surgeon but still gets less respect from the society. Money brings fake respect and you job brings real respect. The higher you can put yourself the better it is. Society needs you then only your position increases.


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  • What are your standards like?

    As far as I know the whole 30 y/o gameover thing is more a ball park figure. It more like a "stop dreaming and get real age". What you want and what you are most likely to get are seen to be very different

  • If you're 27 how can you nearly be 29? Also must you constantly post the same old question.

    The reason you can't find anyone has nothing to do with your age, it's your desperate Dianna impression that is scaring men off.

    The desperation and the thirst is strong within your soul and neither trait is particularly attractive to the opposite sex.

  • Men find women attractive even they turn 55+ if they have true love n respect with each other...
    Don't worry u will get someone of your choice...
    But if u live in break up society they will leave u after few years n in the end you will still be alone or with your 3/4 children...

  • Slow your role. 30 is only old if you have let yourself go. If you haven't you'll have the corner on the market. I'm going to catch flack for this, but most women I meet my age have stopped trying. Keep trying and you should be fine, don't worry.

  • My mother get guys who are old enough to be my brother. 27 and she's 50 so its not age.

  • If you're a good looking woman you're still good lookig at 30.


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