If she was attracted to you once, will or can she be attracted again? What do you think?

attraction is a strange thing, why do we feel attracted to someone. i dont think attraction ever goes away. the hard part is , if someone you love breaks up with you, to find back that initial attraction that lured them in.

the girl that told me it was over for her through the phone, she was just spitting fire all the time, sounded angry and upset. it wasn't just ''its over'' no she kept repeating it in a tuned up voice, wouldn't let me speak and later made a vague comment along the line of, we can try again later. if there werent any emotions involved, then to mean it would mean she couldnt care.

she is seeing someone else now, younger and before we had this phone call, not much i can do, if i contact her too soon ill piss her off. i think she still has me on fb to check on me, she doesn't write me but well there is something about me she finds intoxicating, because she told me more than once that it was over and in the end remained intimate with me. im currently not writing her because i want to wait for the right moment, let things cool off a bit and maybe apologize for my insulting behavior on fb.


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  • Well, usually when I break up with someone that's it. I never come back. But, if I like someone and I don't get to be with that person ina relationship, after some time (when I get over him) my feelings come back and I like that person again.. In your case, I think she had feelings tor you but you ended your relationship badly so, I don't think she'll come back. At least not soon because she has someone else now. All you can and have to do is to apologize if you did something wrong..

    • we werent in a real relationship anyway. sharing a pregnancy and miscarriage together is not just a little thing to me. um she picked a fight with me about something tirivial. she blocked me on social media, in December. later that day added me on fb again. when she came back, tried talking to her, more than once. found out she is seeing a 4 year youngero boy ( sorry but he is a boy compared to me ). tried writing her, she asked me to call her, she was just angry ans nasty, highly emotional. telling me 100 x times it was over, and later said, maybe we can try again later in few months time. i will apologize for my bad behavior, bought her and her kid a small gift for both. with a little note sticked to it

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    • she's just using you*

    • give birth*

      You seem like a nice guy and no one that good should be treated the way she's treating you :)

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  • I can and have lost attraction to guys before. However a part of the reason I lost my attraction was because said guy did something to make me lose my respect and attraction for them. Whether it was lying to me, betraying me or abandoning me the fact of the matter stays that I lost a part of my attraction cause they did something to hurt me. I associate them with pain then and the appeal of being with them is lost because I know how badly hurt me. So basically, if you didn't do anything towards her that was wrong then it could be possible for her to feel the same again at some stage but I honestly think it's a waste to try to cling onto that.

    Also in some cases attraction could still be there but the person might know that the other is not good for them or aren't a suitable partner. I've been there as well too. You sort of accept that you'll still find this person attractive but know better than to pursue it cause sometimes feeling attraction is just not enough. There often needs to be more than that to build a long lasting relationship. This woman might feel a connection but just not enough to want to actually pursue being with you.

    • well she became more distant and cold to me after the miscarriage, she was pregnant from me, we remained intimate but it became fewer and fewer. she would pick fights about stupid things. but again if she tells me 100 x times on the phone in a tuned up voice its over for her and later says, maybe we can try in a few months time. she also told me, when we see each other we can remain friendly to each other. well went out jogging with a female colleague ( pretty girl , nothing romantic ) and i happen to cross her path. well i said her Hi, she ignored me, and my colleagu told me, ooh she didn't like that at all, her face said enough.

    • Move on. You deserve better than someone who plays childish games.

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  • I think you guys broke-up very badly, the chances are very rare.

    • mostly on her part, i tried talking to her. she can be very childish. the stuff i posted was all the anger, frustration with her and the entire situation that came out. how can she just drop me like that, if you shared a pregnancy and miscarriage together.

      one guy told me, if she tills gets angry by what you do or say, there are still emotions and feelings involved. she has been hypcrit a lot, for instance, saw her, i asked her, want me to come over, No, i dont want you to come over. 1 hour later, where are you, home, why, want me to come over? yes, come over... she is like that. but this time she seems more angry, im working out now, trying to get ripped body, and eventually try to meet her, and attract her by looking good again and flirting with her, eventually we will cross paths and ill do what ever i can to make her crazy about me

    • Keep your hopes alive then, and this time settle this thing clearly.

  • There is an old saying; Once a lover, always a lover. Or maybe I am just faking up. You get the point.

    • i agree, there is something about me, or just anyone they find attractive, she came back more than once. ofnte enough i sat next to her and he wasn't very affectionate, so i asked her if she wanted me to leave, often she said no, and sometimes when i put on my stuff, she would pull me to her and making out with me. makes no sense.

  • I live in hope that feelings can come back

    • i think they do, if she wanted me to fuck off, the same thing goes for you, why wouldn't she just block me on a social media. burn my stuff , plenty of stuff in her house that will remind her of me. her daughter is sleeping with a pillow i gave her. currently she just watches me as all bad and evil.