Should I just walk away?

So I think I might already know the answer, but I will ask anyway. I've met a guy online quite a few months ago and we hit it off however he was always too stressed out to meet and he didn't want me to meet him that way. So we chatted anyway until finally we met, at his place... I know dumb right? But his excuse was finances and I felt sorry for the guy as I also don't have money so I know. However just two weeks later he spent a small fortune on himself and his dog as they were both sick...
So we were supposed to get together at my place and he got sick and warning bells started ringing. Anyway, I joked asking him if it would 3 months until I see him again and he said maybe and I told him straight I don't like the idea, I want him to take me out. He seemed fine about that and said he would work something out. So nothing has really changed in his behaviour towards me since and we have our normal squabbles etc. He does message me on his own and he doesn't seem irritated to chat to me etc and he is still a bit flirtatious. But I can't shake the feeling something is up. He is very busy at work and this is nothing new so him not being able to chat has never been an issue. However he said he was working late yesterday and won't be home until after 8 so I told him to let me know when he can chat. He never did however he was on Whatsapp until 10pm! Which is weird as he never is. So my friend says it could be something important but today he is supposedly too busy to chat on Skype with me yet he has been on Whatsapp all day... Now it could be a client or he is organising something with friends, but I just need to know from a guys perspective if I'm wasting my time and should I just walk away.

I don't feel I'm important and he has been mean to me af ew times even when I joke about how busy he is and then covers his ass by calling me insecure but I honestly was hurt by what he said to me. I sometimes get the feeling he hurts me so that I will walk away?


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  • Don't waste your time

  • If he's not willing to put in the effort, he's not worth the effort


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