How do you get to know a popular girl?

There is this girl that I really like, but I don't know how to get to know her better. I only have one class with her and thats math. Math is only a 45 min class so I can't talk to her much. All the time at school she is surrounded by her ten or so friends. At lunch her friends take up the entire table so I can't sit with her. None of her friends ever talk to me so it would be really awkward just by being near them. What do I do?


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  • Girls are out there all the time, never mind, just focus on what you need to do :D
    But yes, i understand you. It would be awkward just to sit with her while their friends with her, cause you dont even know any of them. How about following her and trying to find her alone? you could talk to her and say whatever comes from your heart :)


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  • Shit, this seems my situation right now.
    Do you know her name? On Facebook, we're all the same, popular or not. There you can talk, and it will even be less awkward than doing it in person (for the first time, at least).
    If you don't know her name... some time ago, in the US version of Facebook, you could use a graph search, so writing like "Friends of

    • I know her name and we do talk a little before Math class starts, but other than that we don't talk at all.