Should I ask him out for the second date?

We were friends in college, lost touch, and we're recently matched on a dating site. He asked me if I wanted to get together to catch up and I said sure. We had a great first date (IMO), great conversation, he picked up the check even though I offered to split it with him, kissed goodnight. I sent him a text the next day saying thanks for a great night, he said he had fun too. So now the waiting game. Should I wait for him to call me or take charge and ask him out for the second date?

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Thanks everyone for the advice. I ended up asking him if he'd like to go out again and he said yes!


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  • So.. I put myself in his shoes, and then back in yours...
    And I would say that you should try something like telling him you are going to do something (that you are going to do anyway), and that if he feels like joining you he should show up

    It would put aside the pressure of the bar set on the first date, and would also be a subtle way to ask him out

    Not sure if I did a good job explaining what I thought, but... do you get what I mean?


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What Guys Said 3

  • at this point I really feel like you can just hit him up casually.

  • Apparently he is considering you as a friend. Hints needed to start the move. Text him again but don't ask him out

  • He already asked you, now you should ask him...


What Girls Said 3

  • I like what MaxFe said.

    Also, if you choose to go this route. The next time, you need to wait for him to take the iniative. You don't want to be in a position where you are always asking him to join you or asking him out. Give him a chance to make a move... even as a friend. If he doesn't, you may have your answer.

  • In my experience is better to wait for their call.
    But, if you are feeling confident go for it.
    If he really likes you it doesn't matter who invites who.

  • Let him ask you out again if that's what he wants.