Presents, who are they good for?

So i have very little money, started my own business and put everything into it. So Christmas came then, bday came and other things. So i have basically bought my bf a couple things for each one. It almost breaks my bank and its just a huge stress for me to get him a nice present that won't make me homeless. Those gifts were bought with everything i had. I got him a sweater, he wore it once and now it lays on the ground with a shirt his brother gave him that he doesn't like. I bought a frame filled with pictures of us and tickets etc. For his new room, its crammed in his chest not to be seen, instead of sitting out or on the wall. I got him candy and a coffee mug, its sitting in his closet not eaten or used. I bought him a throw blanket for his new bed, it was still sitting in the bday bag in his closet. I pulled it out and put it on his bed. I got him sweat pants he has worn them a lot. He has gotten me jewelry and I wear it everyday! Vday is coming and as u could see I have no desire to empty my bank out to get him something. Why isn't he using this stuff and should I say something what do I do?


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  • If he's not using any of it he doesn't deserve it. Punch him lightly on the arm and say "gee you're swell, happy Valentine's Day" cause that's all he deserves.

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