Friends or more than friends?

My best friend who is a guy and is five years older than me, asked me out on a date. He knows everything about me and is always there even at 3 am my time. He's known me since the second grade and his parents are my parents best friends for like 30+ years. We play fight and he chases me all the time. He lives in Barcelona, Spain and I am always in Spain for work. I don't know if I should say yes or just let it go.

He's rlly well built and is the sweetest guy ever


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  • If he seems more like a brother and friend than a mate then I would let it go. But if you like him see him as attractive and willing to risk the potential fallout if you don't stay together and the breakup is bad then go for it.

  • He lives in spain. Be realistic getting involved just sounds like a quick way to make your future husband forever hate family functions.


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