Girls what are you expecting when you go on a date?

I'm just curious as to what you expect when you go on a date, do you know its a date before hand or is it just implied. Would you accept to go on a date with a guy you weren't interested in. Are you expecting the guy to put moves on you on the 1st date? 2nd date? if you two are hitting it off are you expecting him to kiss you or make some kind of intimate affection at the end of the date? Also Would you go on a date even if you didn't want to date at the moment. Would you be put off if the guy said its a date after you make plans.


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  • it depends on the guy

    like if the guy is direct and honest and lets me know its a date from the get-go then I know he's also going to be direct and honest at the end of the date an if he's feeling attracted and interested in me he's going to make a move and want to kiss me

    if the guys is inhibited and shy and tries to be indirect and subtle about the whole thing then I know he's also going to be the same way towards the end of the date. even if he's feeling into me he'll probably be too inhibited and shy to actually act on it so I don't expect anything or much from those guys

    would I accept a date with a guy I knew I wasn't interested in? I wouldn't do that anymore, but I'm not going to lie, I did that plenty in the past. before you go ahead and form an opinion or get judgemental, I would ask yourself "would you have sex with a girl you weren't interested in?" exactly. we've all done stuff we now know is wrong. some of us can admit it, the rest of us keep denying it. at least I can admit it.

    would I go on a date if I didn't want to date at the moment? again, why wouldn't I go on a date? what do I have to lose? nothing. I'm only going to have a good time and fun. if it leads to something more, great. if I end up not feeling the guy, no big deal.

    i would be put off by a guy who is inhibited and shy. I'm inhibited and shy, and there can't be two of me in the same relationship, it would never work out. I need someone who is going to make things happen, who is going to lead, take charge, and not be afraid to just be direct and honest with how he feels and what he wants. that makes me feel safe and lets me know I can trust him. if he just wants to have sex and shows me that, instead of trying to pretend to be friends or interested in me, that's fine and I respect that, because at least I know what he wants and at least I can trust that kind of guy. I don't feel safe around a guy that's inhibited or shy because I can't really trust that he's really showing me how he's feeling or what he wants from me. so to answer your question, the type of guy that would put me off is the guy that's not direct and honest with me about how he's feeling and what he wants, even if it's just sex.


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  • Well, when I had my first date with my boyfriend, I knew it was a date. I told him that I never been on a date before, and he asked to be the one to take me out on my first date ever. Since I was interested in him, I accepted. If I wasn't, I don't think I would have. I wasn't really expecting anything aside from talking and us trying to get to know one another better. To my surprise, he landed up taking my first kiss on our date, and I just went with it, as we were getting along extremely well. On our second date, we spent a lot more time just kissing than talking. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to assume much and gives people the benefit of the doubt, so even if I went on a date with someone else, I don't think I would expect much of anything to happen with them on the first or second date, either. If I happened to feel like not going on a date, I wouldn't go on a date. Simple as that. And I don't believe that I would be put off if a guy claimed that we were going a date after we agreed to make plans if I really liked him. I guess that sort of depends on the guy and how I view him.


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