He's polyamorous? Should I run away?

So a guy I met and have been talking to recently just came clean about being in an open marriage and having a 5 yr old daughter. I am honestly dumb founded. I have literally no idea what to say or think. I want to ask him if he sees any future with me but I feel it's way too soon for that but I'm not necessarily ok with dating a married man whether or not it's an open relationship. What on earth do I do? any advice on this topic or prior experience is appreciated or if you just have an opinion please share.


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  • If you feel like you won't at all be uncomfortable and possibly jealous, then go for it. Otherwise, it won't be the best time for you.

    • Could u maybe explain why he chooses this lifestyle?

    • I can not say from my own experience because I am not polygamous, but I have spoken with people who are and a good deal of them say that they do it because they feel like it shows just how much trust and understanding there is between them and their primary partner, and that they don't want each other to feel like they're "tied down". Many of them do it because they want to build strong emotional relationships with others, and some do it purely for sex. It seems pretty weird but if it works for them, then more power to them.

    • Ask yourself this: If you had a boyfriend, would you be upset at the thought of him flirting with and having sex with other women? If so, then you shouldn't enter a polygamous relationship. That will only create problems between you two and it will give you unnecessary stress.

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