What does he mean by "his corner"?

This guy likes me, and I like him.
He was acting a bit strange after our occasion.. It wasn't a date either. So I asked what was going on. He said..

"I've like always been scared of getting close to someone cause everytime I do, someone gets hurt and I don't like that one bit. I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to get hurt. But I'm serious.. Someone always loses interest when it comes to my relationships and it just blows up and I don't want to do that to you cause you're cool. So like, I think we should stay best as friends cause I like you, and want to keep you in my corner, you know?"

What does he mean by "his corner?"

We had sex when we met. He was my first, and I told him how awkward it would be as friends. I wasn't trying to push him. But, he said..

"Yeah.. Maybe take a bit of time off and then we kick start it back when we're ready?"

What does he also mean?
I'm going to ask later by the way!


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  • 1. Whether a relationship or being an friends with benefits (Friends with Benefits), most times at least one has expectations and someone's bound to be hurt
    2. His meaning of 'his corner' could well be being friends with benefits
    3. What he says about 'someone is always hurt' is a legitimate thing but hurt again comes from unfulfilled expectations. Know how to manage those and hurt can be managed.
    4. What he says does not necessarily mean wrong or something with ulterior motives - when I say these words I try to say it with better definition that's all :-)
    5. End of the day he says he wants to be friends with you and maybe sex. This is possibly because you had sex with him w/o a relationship and hence he thinks you guys can continue that way.
    6. If and when (which he sure will someday) he has a relationship with another girl, you will for sure be hurt and feel low about yourself too possibly cause you are probably expecting something else :-)


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  • i been down a similar road, i was a guy who shrouds myself in mystery. then when girls finds out im a push over or too nice ( buying them thing, helping them out a lot -though they ask-, and etc ) they tend to lean away and it blows up in my face. So my past is basically i dont want to get into a relationship so fast cause i dont want to hurt myself over something i repeatedly did and haven't corrected yet. im a gentleman, nice, and funny but there are some things that makes the ladies fall away from me. so instead of the next victim falling for me then later running away, i'll tell them " aye, slow it down with whole committed thing" thus translate to " i need to know if you'll love me for who i am and not run away when im not a challenge anymore."

    now in his case he's telling you something before he hurt you. please heed the warning. what ever he went though its in your best interest to listen. he likes you but he dont want to hurt you at all.

  • In his corner means your on his side, you support him the other comment is you two take a total break from each other then in a few months see if you're both still interested. I think he's full of shit. He either wants to be with you or not

  • I'm not sure about that , but from my experience... tbh maybe he's just using you for sex.


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