Ever date a pregnant girl?

After a while of ignoring gentlemen I was getting to know (pre pregnancy) one texted me asking where I went and what he did wrong. I felt so bad, so I responded. I told him it had nothing to do with him and explained my pregnancy.

We were talking for a while before I got pregnant, and he has been texting me daily since I started talking to him again (about 2months). He is starting to hint at the possibility of being more than friends, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Like I thought he was a great dude, and still do. I like that he's not freaked out about the baby. If Wasn't pregnant. i Probably would have no concern with seeing how things go with him.

But now I have to worry about the baby and him. I feel the stress of dating a pregnant woman/ single mom, when you your self have no kids would be unfair. I worry how any foundation could be built a during a time where I am so occupied.

Its not like baby steps arnt possible, but I'm just not trying to hurt anyone, him, the baby, or even my self.

So I wondered has anyone dated a pregnant girl? How did it go? How did you feel? Was it worth the stress?


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  • I wouldn't worry about it. There's a lot of single moms out there and they still date. He knows what he's getting into

    • He does know what he's "getting into" but I've dated a guy with a kid... its a lot of work that you don't realize until you do it. And that kid was 16months when I met him, my baby is a fetus... and will be an infant, requiring more time and care.

    • Well I did date and eventually marry so I have some experience with this

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  • I've never done it, but I would seriously consider it.

    • Thank you for your opinion

  • personally i'd not date one... not my thing

    • Understandably, I wasn't into dating fathers. Thank you for your opinion

  • I couldn't date a prego woman... it's not my baby, that's weird

    • Understandably. Its weird to me getting attention from someone who isn't my babys dad. Thank you for your opinion and being honest.

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  • I'm sorry but any guy dating a pregnant girl who isn't carrying his baby must have something wrong with him! Do no other girls want to date him?

    • Right. Thank you for your opinion

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