So there's this guy... im embarrassed?

So there's this guy, super funny, nice, very likeable, tons of friends. he's a good guy!
he's really crazy about me, i like him , i do... but im not aattracted to him physically.
Im even a little embarrassed to be seen out with him... I don't know how to get over this?
I just like everything about him except his looks.
I think it has to do with his huge liberty spikes that reach the ceiling, i love them but we get the weirdest stares the times we are out.
I feel like it draws more attention... I don't know.
But im not attracted to his face or body... face is so important. I don't know how to handle this.


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  • Move on your young yet and if its this bad now what happens down the road will you cheat on him with a better looking dude?

    • Its weird, i enjoy sex with him... but i dont really enjoy looking at him naked.
      Were not together yet, and this is the reason why

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    • I don't know i have yet to see, he's been around for a couple years now.

    • Follow your heart

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  • try to forget him maybe?

  • I could understand not likening him physically but to be embarrased about being seen with him I don't. How to get over it just stop talking to him and start talking more hotter men who are funny.


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