Girls, if you like a guy a lot early in the dating phase, why is it scary if the guy might like you more than you like him?

This is what I've heard, that girls might lose interest or even get scared away if the guy shows to much signs that he likes you or is a bit more forward than you are towards him.

Guys rarely lose interest if a girl is more forward, but its even more unlikely he would he get scared away, the risk here rather is that he wasn't interested in something serious to begin with and only wanted sex, so girls have a good reason to not be to forward for that reason.

Now i realize extreme examples if a guy is very pushy and forward before you even know if you like him, that it would be uncomfortable.

But if you both have been very forward to each other, and if you already shared a lot of personal details and said many intimate things to each other, why would it be scary if the guy might show signs that he likes you a bit more than you like him at that point? isn't it normal that people start to like one another in different ammounts of time?

I mean this situation might make you be afraid of hurting the guy but not actually be "scared away" from the guy? or lose attraction? That doesn't make sense to me, because from a guys perspective i dont think it is a problem if a girl i really like shows signs of liking me more.

If you think its going to fast for the guy to like you, would you at least try to talk to him about slowing down, or would you panic and run? even though you like the guy as well?


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  • Im scared that he will make me love him more and then dump me or that i wouldn't trully love him, that i would fall out of love and hurt him...

    • yeah, but how would you handle it? would you try to talk to him about slowing things down, or become a bit more backdrawn to give him a hint that it is going to fast? or would you panic and run from him breaking of contact before it develops into something to big and complex?

    • depends if she has experiances with relathionships she would talk to you, i would... but if she is unexperianced there is a chanche she will get scared and run aka cut off the contact... anyway i suggest you to bring it up yourself

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  • I would love to find a guy who showed more interest in me than him because I haven't come across that yet.

  • Basically what @keba97 said. That's my take on it too.


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