Guys help me with some suggestions, what should I do?

So I went out with a guy 2 days ago, we were chatting online and he just decided to come to my area and go out. it was around 12 PM we just went for a walk. after like 1 hour of walking we just went to my place chanted some more, the he started kissing me. When things got a bit heated i just said " that is all", his replay was "for now?" well i said yes and then he just stayed and cuddled me it was nice he was sweet. thing is it was kind of hard to tell if he liked me because when we were cuddling i said I liked this and his response was " well I also like it otherwise i would not be doing it".
well he left since it was very late and since then he has not said one thing, well yes just answered my question if he got some sleep with " 3 h I am destroyed. how are you"
i don't want to e pushy, i would like to see him again but don't want to be the one asking him out.
what is your opinion on this, should I just sit and wait to see if he contacts me?


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  • Wait a few days, then contact him to see if you want another walk together.


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