Alone on the day reserved for love?

I already know that this Valentine's Day I will be alone. The man I am in love with I already know will not make time for me. (He has NPD) and he's on some next level crap so I guess we are done. What kind of a date can I plan for myself? I don't want to sit home sad and lonely, but no one else is knocking on my door or ringing my phone right now. Any suggestions?


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  • Welcome to GaG! We'll all be right there with you!

    • they need to add a web cam feature and we all need to have a Valentine GaG party. LOL

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    • I'll think about... I made plans with Ms Handjolina and Ms Palmula... I don't want to be a flake you know...

    • Ok thanks for being honest lol

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  • damn it... so what? why people make this SHTTY day so special?

    it;s like the other days of the year!!! what's the difference of being alone in VD than the other days? it's so damn WEIRD

  • Go for a walk.

    • To cold outside in February for that where I am. I always hit this 5 mile trail and run half and walk the other half in the spring and summer. But I want to get out the house and feel like I am special if to no one else at least to myself. I know I am not ugly and in real good shape, I just can't seem to attract any men my age or a few years older willing to settle down in a committed relationship. I have been told I don't look anywhere near 39. I get carded everywhere I go.

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    • UMM, maybe but we all have baggage of some sort. I do have 2 kids but I never try to hand them off that responsibility to anyone I date.

    • Well I am sure you will find someone and I wish you all the best.

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