If you was dating someone that was extremely too easy, would you leave?

As you all know Valentine's day is coming up and I'm already seeing breakups and breakups that are waiting to happen on Valentine's day. If you are dating someone that is so easy such as that person believing everything you say or believe you are actually dating only just them when clearly it's not, practically being easy period, would you stay with them? People know the signs of being played but they have in they mind "they not going anywhere regardless of what hoe comes out". We can't force people to be faithful but why do many think we suppose to appreciate the easy? I mean it can be right there in front of they face they are being used... but why they still choose to be dead easy? if you disappeared for one whole week with no communication all you need is one excuse and you are believed by that person


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  • Love shouldn't have to be hard in the first place. Communication and trust. That's only friendship, after that should come compassion, affection, love.


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  • Yes because there is no challenge. I like differences in the relationship.