First break up story?

I was 11 and she was like mega popular llike weirdly popular for an 11 year old and i remember i broke up with her and same day asked out her best friend 😂 i was 11 and dumb


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  • I was 13 and in 6th grade. I told him I liked him and we should date. He said okay. Then it was too awkward for me to be around him so I ignored him for 6 months - literally did not speak one word to him. Then 6 months later I bumped into him in the hall and said we should break up and he said okay. And that was that.


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  • I never had a boyfriend 'till now, and I was 20 when I met him. Things were and are nice.
    The end.

  • I broke up with my first bf three days after he asked me out, and I broke up with my second bf ten days after we got together, because it was to awkward. I'm terrible at talking to guys that I like lol


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