Is this normal to be scared?

Is it normal to think you are ready to date after a hiatus and once you start you are find yourself scared? I haven't dated in almost a year. Most of my relationships ended because I felt I was the only one putting in the effort. But now I met someone new who is very much like me and very upfront with what he wants. He's very different from the others i've dated and I can't help but expect him to do something that will prove he's just like the others. Its not fair I know but does everyone go through this? Or is it just me stressing out for no reason?


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  • I think that's perfectly normal. I'm going through some trust issues too. All you can do is give this new guy a chance. I also recommend talking to family, friends, and maybe even a counselor about it. Good luck! Would you please look at my most recent question? Thanks!

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