When do flaws turn into deal breakers?

Everyone has flaws. Is it possible to not like another person's flaws but still date them? Like how much do you have to dislike the flaws before they become undateable?


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  • There is no rules for this. Its an individual thing. All relationships are about accepting the bad and loving the good. If you don't like something about your mate you have one of two choices. Accept that's the way he is knowing it'll never change or leave. What gets people in trouble is when they think I can change them or if they really loved me they would change. People don't change. Let me repeat people don't change. If the bad in a person is worse than the good to you then you need to leave.

    • i guess so
      but like... do people date people that have flaws? or do they try to find someone who is flawless?

    • Everyone has flaws. You have to weigh if the good outweighs the bad to you

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  • i just know one example... body weight
    being a bit chubby is a flaw, being fat is a deal breaker. i can´t think of anything else. most other cases are just yes or no cases.

    • i mean more like personality wise
      but yeah i guess that counts too

    • lol personality wise pretty much everything will be a deal breaker if it´s over exaggerated :D

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