Weird girl at pita place I go to at lunch sometimes , she thinks we know each other but we don't?

its starting to get weird , I've only been in there maybe twice a month since I started job in that town a year ago so haven't been there that much and mostly get pizza at lunch. at some point this girl started to act like we knew each other , she'd like remember my order and try and talk to me about things even though I'd be busy and not even interested in her. at one point a few months ago she came out with a comment that she wanted to make me smile , which maybe was cause I appeared tired when I went in there.

hadn't seen her for a month till today I went in there at lunch and ordered and things seemed fine , till she came out with more comments , first was she said something like oh we do know each other , then she said she had been waving at me a few times when she saw me around town somewhere but I never waved back? ( maybe cause I don't even know who she is or what vehicle she'd drive ? )
anyways lots of other guys pass through there and I don't see her talking like this to them so some reason she is attached to me and I don't even know her other than seeing her at this pita place a few times at lunch.


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  • She likes you. She feels like maybe you're friends because you've seen her around a couple of times and you were co-workers

    • were not co workers , I've never seen her anywhere but that pita place at lunch a few times. but I agree for some reason she feels there is a connection between us although I've never really felt one existed. and I think she was being honest when she said she had been waving at me around town although I can't recall anyone doing that but might of not noticed

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