Iam not/ Why am I not Mentally / Emotionally attracted to Guys?

my question for girls is - anyone else like this?

and for guys -why do you think this is or have you experienced this with girls?

so basically when i see a hot guy I'm like "oo he's hot "
and am obviously physicality attracted to them.
but then i date them or have a conversation and.. nothing...

like they are so empty and kind of easy..

I've dated several guys all with different kinds of personalities. but still feel nothing at all EVER.. and i hate having to say i love you when i dont really..
they are either:
overly attached
over bearing /jealous
too "trying to be a tough guy"
nothing in common
or too easy (like mentally manipulated)

not all at once but at least one..
anyone else like this?


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  • It seems like you just haven't found the right guy yet. Lots of girls get this, its nothing wrong with you. Just wait for that right one, he will shake things up. You may even start out hating him, but end up being in love. You will find him.