New to military relationships?

i just recently got into a relationship with this great guy who is in the army. He just recently had to leave for basic training. It's been about four weeks and I'm running out of things to keep me occupied and losing my mind. Since I'm new to the whole military relationship scene does anyone have any advice on how not to go crazy?


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  • I think you must just try to get used to the distance. Unfortunately people in the army stay away for those things quite often. But look on the bright, the more you miss him the better you'll feel when you see him again.


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  • How old is he?

    • He's 18

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    • Can I ask why?

    • He's an adult and you are a minor, by law. There are no exceptions in the United States military. Him telling people that he has a 16 year old girlfriend can land him serious shit with his commanding officers. It can even result in being discharged. Don't tell and you two will be fine. You're 18 to his military buddies.

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