Committed Relationship but Feelings For Another? What do I do?

I have been dating my boyfriend for around a year and a half and it's been amazing I loved every single second of it. However, recently I have noticed that my eye has been wondering to other people and it's one thing to be attracted to somebody I understand but it's me starting to like want to be with them like wanting to date them and I talked to my boyfriend about it and we both having accounts on this website agreed that I should bring it here and get advice from the public, Who just so happened to encourage me to ask him out a year and a half earlier to begin with so I trust whatever opinions you guys will be throwing out. I feel like I also shouldn't hide that the last few months we've been fighting a lot and it's not alway a really happy situation and Felt ike I needed to take a break or there's a few times I felt like we should break up but I don't know what to do about all of this and if it's worth throwing all this away just to chase after someone else.
so let me know what you think thanks in advance and I willbe patiently reading and waiting!


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  • If you're having feelings for others, just don't continue your relationship. It's not right to stay with someone while having feelings for another. The time you spent together was great, but not every relationship works unfortunately. If you're starting to have feelings for another guy, perhaps it's time to think if you're really happy in your current relationship. Probably you aren't.

  • Seems like your just not loving it anymore. And why do/commit to anything that your just not all about.


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