Second date-still no kiss?

I went on a second date today with a guy that I'm starting to like. We had a great time, he was such a gentleman (chivalry is NOT dead ladies, :p) I was hoping there would be a kiss tonight but no. I'm not sure if he is not attracted to me, or he's just trying not to rush things. What do you guys think?


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  • If he's really chivalrous he may just be really old school and is taking things slow and "courting" you. That's a good thing and you always could make an advance yourself , because he just may not know if you want him to kiss you or not. All girls are different so he may just be trying to "feel you out" be direct with him guys are typically very oblivious to the subtle hints

    • Agreed, sometimes for us guys we have a hard time picking up cues or signals. Why? Well because were guys we can't read minds unfortunately. But if you show some initiative on your part ie: bump into him, get close to him, when you hug him hold him longer. All of these things could work. Like I said as guys some of us are terrible at reading a woman's body language so if you like him help him out.

    • Thanks for mho:)

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