Am I the only man in the world who'd never date a girl who's too much of a daddy's girl or is too attached to her father with every single problem?

of hers?

Women would be very quick to avoid mama's boys but men will date almost any woman based on my experience.

I mean it's nice to have a woman who greatly compassionate, appreciative, empathetic and respectful her father but I wouldn't date a woman who allows her father (who possibly hate me for no reason) to treat her like property and can't think for herself like an adult.

Apparently, the rest of the other men that I've encountered treat it as a normal thing but the other way around, it makes a man a "pussy faggot" if he has a close relationship with his mother (not necessarily a mama's boy).

I also think it's funny how a lot of women say they'd hate mama's boys yet they'll also bitch about men taking their mothers love for granted if we were the opposite.

I honestly don't understand what the hell the world wants from us men!

  • No. Nothing wrong with what you look for in a woman at all
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  • I can't choose A or B, but I think that being a daddy's girl is similar to being a momma's boy. They respect their parents so much that they believe and trust every word they say. Nothing wrong with loving your parents and believing that they know best. BUT, if you are mature enough you wouldn't depend on them for every decision you have to make. So it's true and I agree with you that it sucks if your bf/gf lets his/her mom have a say in every problem in your relationship. Although you have to understand that it's also vital to earn the trust and love of your possible future inlaws. If the parents hate you, that's a big problem. You would have to fight for your love. To conclude, no you are not shallow but there's nothing wrong with being a daddy's girl as long as it's not hurting your relationship with them.


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