Are a lot of women secret online creepers?

Okay so I took this information technology class and it taught me a lot about how the internet works. Long story short, I used this knowledge to figure out how to tell who was checking out my Facebook profile. I tested out my theories on people I knew, then I started observing people I noticed creeping on me online when I came across them at school (I got a lot of obvious reactions from people that I didn't even know). Worked like a charm. Crazy accurate.

Then I started noticing a lot of women at my school checking me out on Facebook. I'm even talking like some of the hottest girls at my school. Girls in my classes, girls I had never seen and girls that I had caught checking me out. So with my newfound knowledge, I conducted another experiment.

I started sending certain ones clever messages and to my surprise not one of them responded. I mean nothing! This was something that baffled me. I couldn't understand why you would crush on somebody and be all up on their profile and then not respond when they send you a message. It just seems to me like that's not what life is about. It's just so... GAMEY.

So ladies, I just want to know why you would do this. I realize that guys creep on girls profiles too online (they actually send messages and responses though) but I think it is crazy the way women go about it. It's just like sitting back and just creeeeeeppppinnnngg which is even more strange.

I also noticed that some people will get very defensive when you confront them about online creeping.

True story bro.


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